Comparison Report of PHENIX 18490X-X series and Other brand’s

Sept. 20, 2022 - Xiamen China Phenix Lighting's latest product market survey - Comparison Report of PHENIX 18490X-X series and Other brands is released.

Through careful market research for months, lately we came up a product Comparison Report as below, which is an objective proof that Phnenix Linear Emergency Driver series -18490X-X has Significant Performance and Quality Advantages than other brands that are selling well in the market.

Comparison Report

Size Smallest size of emergency driver with built-in battery in the world. The section is only 30mm wide and 22mm high. Suitable for the LED lightings of various sizes. aluminum alloy housing Bigger size, Iron housing
Voltage output With automatic detection of LED loads, voltage outputs from 5 to 300VDC are automatically matched. Applicable to most AC and DC LED loads to reduce customer's inventory types  Fixed narrow voltage output: low voltage, middle voltage and High voltage output are different items. 
Emergency output Constant power output at any circumstance is not affected by load’s variation. Constant current output, the emergency power is changing as the loads' voltages' variation
Components Selection Key components from top class international brands (ST MCU, Rubycon capacitors, hongfa relays and etc.)  reliable and durable quality, long lifetime. normal brands, low reliability and short life time
Battery Cell International well-known brand battery cell, with higher capacity and better performance in low and high temperatures from - 5℃ and +55℃ Normal brand battery cells
Battery's Protection With safer DUAL all-around battery protection (1. Battery pack’s protection board; 2. protection circuit on PCBA),  Only single protection from battery itself or no protection at all
Battery Pack's Test Quality and Life Test: Pass Phenix 100 times high temperature acceleration aging test Unverified 
Battery Capacity and Emergency time The battery capacity margin is sufficient to ensure that the emergency time is still over  90 minutes under 0℃ to +55℃ in 5 years' quality guarantee period. Default Ex Works Emergency time under 25 to +55℃ is 120-140  minutes, - 5℃ is over 90-100 minutes.  The battery capacity is not sufficient, which lead to the insufficient emergency time under  0+/-5℃. 
Programme Control Auto test function. Over temperature/charge/discharge protection, open/short circuit protection with auto-reset. Programmable MCU.  Without Auto test function. No MCU or simple Nonprogrammable MCU with a few control functions
LED Test Switch (LTS) A LTS includes the function of a LED signal lamp and a test switch. LTS can indicate various modes of the emergency module. By giving LTS different pressing instructions can realize the functions of e.g. battery's disconnection, manual monthly and annual test and reset, and other personalized customer needs (e.g. adjusting the emergency power and time, etc) The test switch + LED signal lamp are from available common molds, can only realize some simple functions e.g. light on or off in normal and emergency modes; and manual test the conversion between emergency and normal modes 
Double 85℃ Extreme Test  The PCBA passed switch on/off impact durability test at humidity 85 and temperature 85℃ more than 500 hours Unverified 
100% Quality Control Each complete unit need to pass electrical parameters' test and min. 1 week charging and discharging test (100V, 230V and 300V) before shipping Unverified 

Post time: Sep-27-2022