When Do We Need a Cold LED Emergency Driver?

In the past decade, emergency lighting has been increasingly applied in all kinds of public places around the world. With the continuous expansion of market demand and the growing maturity of industrial technology, more and more products with special properties have entered people’s life. The Cold LED Emergency Driver is one of the most representative ones.

On the earth we live together, there are different temperature zones from the poles to the equator, and different countries are located in different temperature zones. For countries which are located in the temperate zone, solutions for emergency lighting are undoubtedly the most convenient, as the mild climates present few extreme challenges.

However, for countries in extremely cold regions, take the northern Hemisphere as an example, such as northern Canada in North America, Russia in the north of Europe, and the four Nordic countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, the winter temperatures are generally below -30℃. In order to win precious time for people out of danger and subsequent maintenance, to maximize the protection of everyone’s life and property safety, the configuration of emergency lighting in public area is essential.

As we all know, when the ambient temperature of the battery is around 0℃or below, there will be some incomplete charging and discharging issues. So how to ensure emergency battery pack to be charged and discharged normally in these extremely low temperature environments has become the primary problem to be solved in the industry.