APD Technology US invention patent

Phenix Lighting’s Auto Preset Dimming (APD) technology applicable to the Mini Emergency Inverter series obtained the America Invention Patent.

On May 04, 2021, Phenix Lighting obtained the America Invention Patent for the unique Auto Preset Dimming (APD) technology.


This invention patent technology is widely used in Phenix Lighting’s inverters and control device, with this technology, the inverter can realize the dimming function in emergency mode, which makes the inverter load much more times of loads than its rated emergency output power, and then reduce the end user’s cost. 

The inverters with APD technology are including:
-Mini Emergency inverter 18460X: 184600: 36W; 184603: 27W; 184601: 100W, 184602: 200W
-Parallelable modular inverter 184800: Modular design, single module is 400W, flexibly parallel-able combination from 1 to 5 modules, Max. emergency output power up to 2000W.
-Dimmable Emergency Lighting Control Device 18010-X: Flexible and precise setting to distribute or make the utmost use of the power of a 10-1000W generator or inverter.

Phenix Lighting's inverters have following features:

Pure sinusoidal AC output. Auto Preset Dimming 0-10V the connected load in emergency mode. For emergency operation of LED, fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, tubes and lighting fixtures up to 10 times of rated emergency power. Output voltage auto setting according to different input voltages from 120-277V AC. Auto Test. Extremely slim aluminum housing and light in weight. The inverters are suitable for installation in air handling / plenum spaces in accordance with the National Electric Code and International Mechanical Code.

Dimmable Emergency Lighting Control Device 18010-X:
Patented APD technology allows generator or inverter supplied emergency lighting to work under auto or preset 0-10V dimming level regardless of wall switch position
Great energy and cost saving benefits by reduce the power consumption for the emergency lighting
Flexible and precise setting to distribute or make the utmost use of the power of a 10-1000W generator or inverter
Supports lighting load up to 5A
Dimmer, sensor or other lighting controls override capable
24VDC fire alarm override capable


Post time: Sep-27-2022